Lesson 17 – What do you like to eat ?



Steven: What do you like to eat Philip ?
Philip (another friend): Well, I love English breakfast. Then I usually have lunch at school so it’s not always good. And I love tea at home in the evening. I like nearly everything. And mummy is a good cook. And you Steven ?
Steven: Well, I like about everything. There is just one thing I don’t like, it’s spinach.
Phil: Spinach ! Berk !

Spinach (épinards)

Spinach (épinards)



To eat = manger
Other = autre
Another = un(e) autre
Friend = ami(e)
Breakfast = petit déjeuner
Then = ensuite, puis
Usually = d’habitude
Lunch = déjeuner
Always = toujours
Tea = repas du soir (peut également être diner)
In the evening = le soir
Nearly = Presque
A thing = une chose
Everything = tout, chaque chose
A cook = un(e) cuisinier(e)
About = (ici) à peu près, environ

Les adverbes de fréquence


About food and meals

(au sujet de la nourriture et des repas)

Fish  (poisson)

Fish (poisson)

Fruit = les fruits
Vegetables = les légumes
Dishes = les plats
Grapes= raisin
Lettuce = laitue
Soup = soupe
Aubergines = aubergines

Apple  (pomme)

Apple (pomme)

Meat = viande
Melon = melon
Carrots = carottes
Lemon = citron
Cabbage = chou
Chicken = poulet
Strawberry = fraise
Onion = oignon
Eggs = oeufs

Mushrooms (champignons)

Mushrooms (champignons)

Cherry = cerise
Tomatoes = tomates
Salad = salade
Plum = prune
Potatoes = pommes de terre
Cheese = fromage
Banana = banane
Chips = frites
Peach = pêche
Cake = gateau
Pear = poire
Fig = figue

Pineapple  (ananas)


Coffee = café
Milk = lait
Orange = orange
Water = eau
Tangerine = mandarine
Wine = vin
Grapefruit = pamplemousse
Beer = bière
Dishes = Vaisselle (également)
Cup = tasse
Saucer =soucoupe
Teaspoon = petite cuillère
Spoon = cuillère
Plate = assiette
Knife (pluriel = Knives) = couteau
Glass = verre
Bottle = bouteille
Tablecloth = nappe
Napkin = serviette

Jug   (pot, carafe)

(pot, carafe)

Ice cream  (glace)

Ice cream


Fork   (fourchette)








Méthode de travail

Apprendre et jouer le dialogue
Savoir le vocabulaire
S’inventer et jouer des petites situations de repas à la maison



Let's start the quiz !

You will be asked 15 questions

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